Stamp packets as a souvenir - tailor made!

Personalized stickers on the packets

If you want to have your own company name and/or another text on the stickers, this is possible without any additional costs with a minimum purchase of 100 the same packets. It is also possible to replace our wooden shoe-logo by your own. This also requires a minimum purchase of 100 packets, but we are however obliged to charge the additonal costs of € 0,07 per sticker and a starting fee of € 30,-.

Your own stamps ?

When you have a very distinctive theme or special event, we are able to create your own stamps.This will consist of a complete set of six stamps and could be creative and imaginative as possible; using your name (instead of country), your images, your ' postal value' and your text on the stamps. Your own logo or specific font are no problem. It will be your very own completely personalized packet, completely to your wishes (NB: a minimum purchase quantity of 3000 sets is required regarding the investment.) You could also use the stamps as a nice gimmick; on your writing paper, or on your envelop next to the postage print. It will give your correspondence just that bit more charisma...